Spiritual Healing & Holistic Health

The reality of Bhakti Yoga & Lord Krishna in a healing context.

The reality of a religious life.

Health, Healing and Holy life

Yoga is a reality that is manifested from the sacred, it is action, change and healing while working in the reality of the sacred itself.

The reality of Lord Krishna is met through Bhakti, as devotion, prayer and surrender.

The reality of Bhakti Yoga is the reality of Lord Krishna, this work is the reality of living a religious life.

Yoga means God, it means to live a life that is manifested from the sacred, as a reality.

In these times of Kali Yuga people will suffer, at this point of time the dominant reality of suffering in its various forms manifests from Darkness itself.

The reality of Darkness as its associated manifestations of suffering can only be healed by the reality of Lord Krishna and the healing world that works with that.

All suffering can end. Not all diseases can be healed, but the suffering we have can be.

The healer and healing reality is that of Lord Krishna and the sacred manifestations that are with that reality.

Totality and wholeness

A basic outline of the reality of Bhakti Yoga for healing

The ground of transformation is the sacred. – We learn to meet that through the reality of Lord Krishna

A desire for change draws the sacred near. – Devotion and surrender to Lord Krishna.

Desire needs to be alive with passion, devotion and surrender. – Bhakti Yoga.

Action is total, a clear decisive movement. – Surrender.

  • End all conflict, reactions and self-created suffering.
  • Salutation – A movement of prayer, devotion and surrender.
  • Plant based diet – Proven self-healing and protecting action.
  • Contemplation and meditation.
  • Awareness and communion as perception replaces ‘thinking’
  • Purification – ending the past.
  • The reality of change itself is met.
  • The healing reality of compassion is met.
  • Discovering the sacred.
  • The breath of life – learning to breathe as self-healing.
  • Creative exercise – learning to exercise with awareness and self-healing.
  • Ending the isolation of the “I” – the ending of all suffering.
  • The unfolding mystery of existence awakened.
  • Learning to live a new dimension of existence.
  • Ending all trauma – a certain reality of self-healing is embraced.
  • Peace is met and lived.
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