Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing through the reality of Bhakti Yoga & Lord Krishna.

The healing of the body, mind and whole being through Krishna Bhakti Yoga.

The purification of the human condition through the reality of Lord Krishna – Bhakti.

Krishna Bhakti Yoga is the combined realities of Lord Krishna and the reality of living a religious life.

The ending of all suffering.

The reality of spiritual healing – Personal & Global.

Lord Krishna as peace, compassion and supreme love.

The purification to receive the reality of healing.

Kali Yuga & Lord Krishna

When humankind enters into extreme crisis darkness gains entrance and furthers its reality into all factors of existence. This is the darkness of Kali Yuga gaining dominance.

In this time of extreme crisis Lord Krishna draws near to assist humankind to free itself of its suffering.

Lord Krishna draws near and we have to draw ourselves near to that Supreme reality. This work of Bhakti Yoga is the work of living an authentic religious life.

The reality of Lord Krishna

The reality of spiritual healing takes place in the public and private meetings with Guru Michael.

Many people suffering from extreme problems of the body, mind, emotions and ones being, have been healed.

Please be aware that this healing work is holistic, all factors of ones life will need to be considered in order for the maximum potential of the spiritual healing.

Please read the health, self-healing and healing  DISCLAIMER.

The nature of existence

The nature of spiritual healing

The nature of suffering and disease that is manifesting at our current time

The following is communicated from my direct perception, the healing reality of the sacred.

The body systems – Incarnation – Consciousness –

Darkness & Light – The sacred as healer – The healing reality of Lord Krishna, Bhakti Yoga, God

The following information comes from direct perception, not from books –

The consciousness that incarnates is formed during conception as an interplay between Dark and Light.

The general quality of consciousness determines the type of overall interplay and what is put into the person as general consciousness as well as the body consciousness

Over thousands of years the entrance of Darkness has gained more ground and plays a greater part in generating many kinds of conditions of suffering, limitations and difficulties.

In these times of increasing suffering the human system will find it more and more difficult to set itself free of its suffering and difficulties.

The suffering that we are in can only be fully healed by direct communion with the reality of Lord Krishna and that of God.

Lord Krishna and God are from the same ground of the sacred and are different manifestations.

The practical work of Bhakti Yoga

The work is very simple, it is to direct oneself through prayer and devotion to Lord Krishna. The barriers to that communion are removed through the devotion itself.

This type of healing work is silent and involves no chanting. Chanting is secondary and can be practised additional to the main and primary work of silent prayer and devotion.

By doing Bhakti Yoga you will find out its reality of peace, purification and transformation – as Lord Krishna.

When ones consciousness and being are in communion with the grace of Lord Krishna then the healing reality of God can enter ones being.

The overall ground of this work of Bhakti Yoga is living a religious life. This religious life is not based on beliefs. Bhakti Yoga is a reality that is met and lived out.

Bhakti is love, devotion and surrender. It is also direct participation in the reality of the sacred as Lord Krishna.

Bhakti is the most direct and quickest participation in the reality of sacred that there is.

The Guru

The reality of Guru transcends a person, the body and appearance. A reality is manifest as a type of Guru Healer to assist those who suffer to meet the healing realities of Lord Krishna and of God.

A Guru is not a spiritual teacher, there is nothing to understand in the sense we are used to ‘thinking’ and then gaining an ‘understanding.’ Such understanding does not set ourselves free.

We learn to meet spiritual reality itself and then to learn that actual change takes place in that communion with the sacred and its manifestations.

This work of communion is what a Guru is manifested for.