Visitors Welcome

Meeting room for the work of Bhakti Yoga with Guru Michael.

Visitors are welcome to visit on a one-to-one basis, or small groups. We are starting with an Open House basis where people arrange a meeting with Michael.

An Ashram is a place that is open to all without charge. The work of Yoga is with a Guru who makes his/her house available and open to all for the work of Yoga.

These beginnings of the foundation of Yoga and Ashram allow for the organic growth of the work itself.

Meetings last about 1 hour to 2 hours. People visit for many reasons.

No charges are made of any kind for meetings.

Please enquire via CONTACT page, email, or phone, emails get answered within 24 hours. My Deutsch is very basic, most talking is currently in English, translation is often possible.


Please our VISITORS page for information of our location.