Lord Krishna Bhakti Yoga


Lord Krishna is the reality of peace, compassion and supreme love.

Bhakti Yoga is love, devotion and surrender to Lord Krishna. In this devotion and prayer we learn to meet the reality of Lord Krishna.

All suffering can end – The healing of our life and the awakening of sacred existence

The healing of all suffering is the first and last step in the journey of spiritual transformation.

The ground of all worldly existence is the dimension of psychological thought and its isolation from God reality.

An authentic religious life

Our first step is to end the ways of the “I” with its reactions, isolation and lack of communion with nature and humankind.

A religious life is a life of celebration, peace and eternity – now.

Bhakti is the most direct participation in the reality of the sacred that is available.

Bhakti Yoga is the work of discovering the reality of God through Bhakti. The reality of Bhakti leads us to Lord Krishna.