Bhakti Yoga Meetings

Meetings with Guru Michael.

The spiritual healing and transformation of our existence.

All suffering can end. The spiritual healing reality of Lord Krishna and the reality of Bhakti Yoga provide the healing and transformation that a person needs in these times.

Public Group Meetings & Personal Meetings at Krishna Ashram

Public group meetings in Deutschland starting mid May 2018. No charges are made for attending meetings, donations are welcomed and needed.

Group meeting events can be held by invitation at other locations. All meetings need to be without charge for entrance and participation.

Krishna Ashram – Stüblhäuser 20, 94164 Sonnen, Bayern, Deutschland.

You are invited to attend a meeting with Guru Michael.

Contact us to arrange a meeting time, meetings last about 1 to 2 hours.

No charges are made of any kind, donations are welcomed and needed.



About Guru Michael 

A series of enlightenments have taken place where the reality of Lord Krishna has been realised and made present as peace, compassion and supreme love.

A further enlightenment has taken place as God-realisation.

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna, the reality of peace, compassion and supreme love.

Devotion to Krishna as silent prayer allows the reality of Lord Krishna to enter ones being.

Bhakti is love, devotion and surrender to Lord Krishna.

Yoga is God

Bhakti Yoga is the union of Lord Krishna and God in one’s life as change and transformation.

Kali Yuga, the global crisis in humankind

In these times of global crisis the reality of Lord Krishna are needed to enter and bring about peace, compassion and supreme love.

Bhakti Yoga is the work of meeting the reality of Lord Krishna with a Guru.

This work is the action of communion, devotion, surrender to Lord Krishna.

This Bhakti Yoga is of Lord Krishna. This reality of Bhakti Yoga makes itself present through and with the Guru.

The reality of Lord Krishna is making itself present in this way at this time to transform and awaken a new dimension of existence.

These realities can only be met in living an authentic religious life in all factors of our existence.

Yoga is God

Yoga means peace, wholeness, the holy. Yoga also means change, the work of change.

Personal and global transformation

Enter the reality of Lord Krishna, surrender to an unknown direction of Supreme Love.

The reality of Lord Krishna is for all, it is for humankind. When these realities of the sacred enter into our lives it also enters into humankind.

This is the reality and work of Bhakti Yoga, it is the reality of an authentic religious life.

Modern life as Kali Yuga

For many there are barriers to that meeting of the supreme, those barriers are met in the reality of the Guru, in the reality of love, peace and compassion.

The modern life is complex, we ‘understand’ yet do not change, we need to meet the reality of the sacred itself, we need to find out what it means to live an authentic religious life right now.

In meeting our daily lives in the reality of the sacred we shall be able to set ourselves free, to enter a life of freedom, love and peace – now.

The work of the meetings

Bhakti is the action of spiritual transformation through communion, transcendence and devotion.

The reality of our daily lives needs to be met and transformed.

We cannot deliberately create reactions every day and at the same time want to live a religious life – change needs to happen and that is the work and reality of Bhakti Yoga.

God-realisation  *   Lord Krishna – peace, a love supreme

Most modern spiritual work is adding something on top of our lives and carrying on the same – this is an escape and a denial of our condition which brings frustration and suffering.

The word Yoga means to most people doing some physical exercises, wellness.

Yoga is the work of discovering God and for God-realisation to take place, this is Yoga.

The wellness factor of Yoga is only the body, no amount of exercises will help you transform your life and discover the sacred.

The heart of Yoga is the work of Bhakti Yoga

  • The surrender of the “I”
  • Devotion to peace and love
  • Meeting all reactions with prayer and peace.
  • Love, devotion and surrender to Lord Krishna

This is Bhakti Yoga.

What is Bhakti?  –  Love, devotion and surrender  – The reality of Lord Krishna

Bhakti is the reality of love, transcendence, surrender and devotion. It is also the direct action of abandoning books, psychological thinking and even personal enlightenment.

Direct participation in the reality of Lord Krishna. We need to discover our deeper needs, to discover and awaken our journey of spiritual transformation – as a reality.

Direct participation through love, through peace. Transcendence, ecstasy, reality of the sacred, supreme love then enters into our lives and into humankind.

What is surrender?

It means many things to many people in this context of Bhakti. To surrender hatred, to surrender endlessly reading books, to surrender to The Lord as a direct action of participation.

It is only in communion with reality itself is there is a change and a transformation that intellectual ‘understanding’ can never bring.

The Lord is a reality of love and compassion that is for all, its reality enters into humankind through those who are of The Lord and The Lords work.

What is Bhakti Yoga?

Bhakti Yoga is the work of discovering the reality of God, wholeness and the supreme through the reality of love to meet the grace and supreme love of Lord Krishna.

Yoga means God, wholeness. It also means the work to discover God, the work of change. Yoga, the reality of wholeness, the holy.

All this means practically and inwardly living a religious life as a daily reality.

Bhakti – The heart of Yoga

There are many outer forms of the work of Yoga. There is much misunderstanding on what the word Yoga means and also what the work of Yoga actually is.

Bhakti Yoga is the highest Yoga that there is. When Bhakti is alive as a reality at the heart of ones existence then whatever Yoga you practice it too then will be alive.

What is Ashram?

Ashram means a place of religious work of inward change and spiritual transformation with a Guru.

An Ashram is open to all without charge and is supported by donations and practical help.

What is a Guru?

A Guru is an enlightened person in whom the “I” has ended, the psychological dimension of suffering has ended and God has transformed this person further for Krishna to be present and the healing reality of God to be available.

The manifestation that is present is that of a Guru that is of Lord Krishna and God to serve the deeper needs of healing in the current times we find ourselves in.

The reality of Krishna manifests when there is a need to help transform humankind in its crisis.

This combination of Lord Krishna and God in times of mounting suffering is what is taking place through and with Guru Michael to end all suffering.

A Guru loves those who enter the work of Bhakti Yoga, the relationship is love. There is no judgement, measure or comparison. Lord Krishna loves all, this is the love supreme.

Guru, historical definition –

गुशब्दस्त्वन्धकारः स्यात्‌ रुशब्दस्तन्निरोधकः।
अन्धकारनिरोधित्वात्‌ गुरुरित्यभिधीयते॥ १६॥

“The syllable gu means darkness, the syllable ru, he who dispels them,
Because of the power to dispel darkness, the guru is thus named.”

There is no measure, there is no comparison. There is the compassion of The Lord and the reality of God with its dimension of manifestations.

The reality of Guru is the reality of God, only by entering into this reality can we see with our own eyes what we need to see to set ourselves free, to see a new way of living and live it – now.

There is nothing to ‘understand’

To see and to listen beyond the word, idea, belief and book understand is dimension of perception that is of God, it is that sets us free.

We need to appreciate the nature of spiritual transformation is through communion with supreme love, with God.

We learn such communion through the love, devotion and surrender to The Lord. We learn that work and reality with a Guru.

The awakening and manifestation of the Guru and its reality of work as Bhakti Yoga

About Michael –

  • An enlightenment has taken place.
  • All suffering has ended, all suffering is understood.
  • The psychological dimension has ended.
  • There is peace and compassion.
  • Lord Krishna makes itself present for the first time to help bring peace and love.
  • The reality of Lord Krishna is realised and made present
  • God-realisation takes place
  • The nature of Dark and Light has been revealed and fully seen.
  • The ecstasy of transcendence is present.
  • The mystery of life is unfolding itself.
  • A further enlightenment takes place.
  • Guru reality manifests to serve Lord Krishna and His reality is made present.
  • Bhakti Yoga as a reality manifests.

Entering the ocean

The sense of personal separation and isolation ends with entering the reality and work of Bhakti Yoga.

Entering a religious life the grace and reality of Lord Krishna can be met.

Bhakti Yoga is the most direct Yoga to discover the reality of Krishna as a spiritual way of life – now.

The heart awakens, the mind is made pure and surrenders to the wholeness of the sacred.

The grace of Lord Krishna is infinite, those that enter a religious life and serve Krishna will discover eternity, peace and absolute freedom.