Bhakti Yoga Meetings

Meetings with Guru Michael.

Krishna Ashram – Stüblhäuser 20, 94164 Sonnen, Bayern, Deutschland.

You are invited to attend a meeting with Guru Michael.

Contact us to arrange a meeting time, meetings last about 1 to 2 hours.

No charges are made of any kind, donations are welcomed and needed.

Visitors Welcome

The reality of Lord Krishna is present.

The reality of God is present.

Bhakti Yoga – The Heart of Yoga.

Bhakti is devotion to Lord Krishna and to meet that reality of peace.

Bhakti Yoga is to be of Lord Krishna and meet the reality of God.

“To give is to live” – Guru Healer Michael

Lord Krishna Bhakti Yoga

Lord Krishna is the reality of peace, compassion and supreme love that transforms our existence and meet the reality of God.

Lord Krishna Bhakti Yoga is love, devotion and surrender to Lord Krishna.

In this devotion and prayer we learn to meet the reality of Lord Krishna.

Peace, unenlightenment, God-realisation and eternity is the reality of Bhakti Yoga.